2ch Parallel Flash and high pressure liquid Chramatography Purif™-Rp2


Purif™-RP2 is an unique preparative liquid Chromatography equipment in which you can use both Flash and HPLC columns.

  • Each channel is controlled independently, so both channel can be used at the same time
  • Equipped high pressure pump (Maximum pressure:20MPa) & high sensitive UV detector
  • Purif-RP2 is compatible with multi-use preparation at lower cost then new preparative HPLC will be purchased

Photo 2ch Parallel Flash and high pressure liquid Chramatography Purif™-Rp2


High performace pump

  • Equipped high performanve doble plunger pump
  • Both cartridge and SUS columns can be used, and RP2 can accept from rough to precise purifications
  • Providing accurate gradient control at reverse phase mode same as nomal phase mode

High sensitive UV monitor

  • Installed high sensitive cell (Path length:3mm) which can accept all samples having weak UV absorption like natural products
  • RP2 can accept wide range amount of samples preparation from μg to g order

Multi Channel UV detector

  • You can choose arbitrary 2 wavelengths between 200nm and 400nm for detection, selectable 2 or 1 wavelength for trigger 200~400nm
  • Optional detectors
    • RI(Refractive Index) detectorRI

Sample Injector

  • Using sample injector same as HPLC
  • Sample loop is selectable from 20uL,100uL,2mL,10mL

Sample charge pump

  • It enable to charge all samples into the column by continuous flow even if the sample is hardly in water

Built-in Fraction collector

  • Small space but it can accept many kind of test tubes from small to large volume

Specialized procedures to preparative purification

  • One click switching of preparative mode, Peak⇔Volume Peak Peak
  • Auto calculation of optimal praparative condition from TLC data

Easy maintenance

  • All tubes and columns on the front of the body can simplify maintenance work
  • Transparent tubes can make checking eluent flow condition easyly
  • Easy to remove all wetting parts including UV cell, solenoid valve and nozzles of the fraction collector to do maintenance work
  • In addition, optional degasser makes improving a stability of flow at lower flow rate.

Easy operation to set preparative conditions from simple to complicated

  • Fast operation by the high spec PC and the letest software
  • Only 3 clicks to start running
  • Using PrifPack ODS series make easy and high precision preparative purifications.Please refer to "Purif-Pack™-EX —Purif Pack Excellent—"for details.


Equipment configurations

Equipment configurations
Number of pump 2 units
Number of UV detector 2 units
Number of Fraction collector 1 unit (2ch)
Column stand 2sets
System control 1 set (built-in PC)
Instrument Weight About 76kg (only main body)
AC Power Source AC100-240V
Dimensions W634mm x D480mm x H660mm
CE marking


Flow Rate ①1ml~100mL/min ②1~50mL/min (Variable selection)
Pressure Max 20MPa ※High pressure pump
Drive system one-cam double-plunger
Accuracy less than ±2% (1-100mL MeOH)
Precision less than ±0.3% (1-100mL MeOH)
Gradients High presser gradients : 100µl units

Fraction Collector

Fraction Collector
Number of Channel 2 channels
Rack 1 rack / channel
Fraction volume φ17.5×130mm (Standard)
Number of test tubes 80 test cubes / Rack
Number of fraction Maximum 4 Racks / Channel
Fraction mode Time mode, Volume mode, Peak mode, Volume Peak mode

UV Detector

UV Detector
Light source Deuterium Lamp
UV Wavelength range 200-400nm
Variable UV 2 wavelength detector (200~400 nm)
Optical path length 0.2mm(Standard)、3.0mm(High-sensitivity)

System Control

System Control
PC Built-in PC, 17 inch Monitor
Operation Touch panel
OS Windows 10


Purif™-Rp2 can provide following options to improve its performance.

Extention Unit for Column stand This unit is attached to the main body and using for column connections.
Injection Valve For the sample injection
Fraction Rack φ12.0、φ16.0、φ18.0、φ25.0、φ30.0 tube
Unit for Change solvent You can choose 2 solvent automatically.
Remaining solvent sensing unit The optical fiber sensor can detect a remaining amount of solvent and stop the instrument automatically.
Air purge unit This unit can remove solvent in the column after running by pumping air.
System stand A special stand for the instruments.

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