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This website is operated by Shoko Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) or its agent. By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. These terms of use are subject to change. Please check the latest contents.
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This website does not grant any rights based on copyright, patent rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights.
However, if the usage conditions are indicated individually for each content, or if it is linked to the content that indicates it, those conditions will take precedence.


The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or any other guarantee regarding the text on this website and its contents. In the unlikely event that there is an error in the content of the text on this website, we are not responsible for it. In addition, please be aware that the matters described in the text on this website are subject to change without notice.

Prohibited matter

The following actions of customers are prohibited when using this website.

  • Defaming, slandering or intimidating third parties or our company, our group companies, and their officers or employees
  • Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company
  • Acts that damage or may damage the trust or quality of our company or our website
  • A criminal act or a criminal act
  • Acts that violate or may violate laws, laws or regulations
  • Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Product / service target country

The information posted on this website is information on products / services provided to Japan, and can only be purchased / obtained by those residing in Japan.
In addition, if the country of offer is indicated individually for each content, or if it is linked to the content that shows it, the relevant information takes precedence.

About export control

When exporting (or providing to non-residents) the technology, programs or purchased products provided by this website, please comply with the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law” and other applicable laws.

Publication date and contents

The information published on this website is the information at the time of publication. Please note that it may be changed after posting.

About trademarks of other companies

Adobe and the Adobe logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Microsoft and Windows Media are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Other company names and product names are the trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
In addition, if the trademark is shown individually in each content, or if it is linked to the content that shows it, the relevant information takes precedence.

About the links

Please read the following “Disclaimer and Link Setting Conditions” carefully, and if you follow the “Link Setting Method” on this page, please read this website for profit, non-profit, Internet and intranet. You can link anyway.

Disclaimer and link setting conditions

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any trouble or damages caused by linking.
  2. The information and URLs on this website are not guaranteed to last forever. Subject to change without notice.
  3. Shoko Science's logo mark and various trademarks are used on third-party websites (printed materials, etc.) regardless of the purpose or duration, without permission from the Company. I can not do it.
  4. Links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.
    • Websites that slander or slander the Company and their officers or employees
    • Websites that provide information that is illegal or potentially illegal
    • Websites that provide information that may be contrary to obscenity or social ethics
    • Websites that are unclear about the Company's website, such as a form that incorporates this website into its own frame
    • Websites that slander or slander our products or services
  5. If you find that your website violates any of the above items, or if our company has requested to delete a link, you must follow it.

How to set up a link

  1. The link destination is only the top page (https://shoko-sc.co.jp/) of our website. If you want to link to a page other than this, please specify the URL of the desired website and the URL of your website to link to using the inquiry form.
  2. If you would like to link to your business partner, customer, business partner, or case study, please contact our sales representative or contact form.

Links to websites other than our company

We do not accept any responsibility for websites other than our company that are accessible from this website (hereinafter referred to as “link sites”).
Please note that when you access linked sites, these linked sites are managed and operated independently of the Company, and the Company assumes no responsibility for the content of the linked sites. Furthermore, the Company does not endorse the link site, nor is it responsible for its content or use. Link sites are used at the customer's own risk and should be used in accordance with the terms of use posted on each link site.

Inquiries regarding terms of use of the site

If you have any inquiries regarding the terms of use of this website, please contact us from the following inquiry.

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